Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Parish Online Ministry

Parish Online Ministry

Each week, I survey the different online ministries; streaming live services so the members of the congregation can watch in real time as the service continues.
How each parish is holding meetings using online meeting software. How is online Sunday School doing.  

How are the teachers communicating with their children and parents online
Two examples:

Let's have children's chapel online! Join Ms. Renee for The Parable of the Good Shepherd..

While our little ones are spending their days at home during this time of social distancing, we invite kids and parents to tune in to watch Children's Chapel online with our friend Ms. Renee! We'll learn lessons and watch as she brings the day's story to life from the comfort of your sofa. To check out HI's youtube playlist, and view this video ClickHERE

St. David's, Roswell
Click here to view the video

Visit Judy, Daisy, and friends for a postcard from Judy . Judy Hine is St. David’s Children's Minister. This week we will see what our friends have been up to since our last visit, discuss highlights and lowlights of the week, enjoy a story about the poetry if the Bible, a
and wonder about how we can take care of ourselves and each other.

St. Peter and St. Paul
Click here to view the video


List of Parish Surveys

Week ending - 04/19
Week ending - 04/26
Week ending - 05/03
Week ending - 05/10

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